Carbon+ (Humic Acid + Fulvic Acid) 1 Liter

Brand: BVG Life Sciences Ltd.

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Carbon+ (Humic Acid + Fulvic Acid) 1 Liter

Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid
Plant Growth Promoter
1 Liter bottle packing
Bio products


BVG Carbon+ is derived from naturally occurring hammett rich coals. BVG Carbon+ is an organic biostimulant which improves stress tolerance, increases nutrient efficiency, enhances root & vegetative biomass, & increases crop yields. Humic & Fulvic acids are the active components of soil organic matter, which is a must for maintenance of fertility of soils & growth of all kind of plants.

1. Natural product. No chemicals.
2. Increases – organic carbon there by enhances yield & quality of crops, vegetables & fruits.
3. It can create vegetation in saline and poor soils also.

1. BVG Carbon+ Increases moisture holding capacity of soils.
2. BVG Carbon+ Improves soil tilth & infilteration of compacted soils.
1. Increases cation exchange capacity & chelation of plant nutrients.
2. Improves photosynthesis.
3. Helps to convert unavailable phosphorus in the soil into plant available form.
4. Improves buffering properties of soils.
5. Increases water uptake in high salinity soils by modulating osmotic pressure.
1. Accelerates plant cell division & promotes growth of plants.
2. Stimulates hormonal activity of plants.
3. Stimulates growth & proliferation of soil microorganisms.
4. Aids in photosynthesis.

Perennial Crops : 10 liter per acre per year
Seasonal Crops : 5 liter per acre