Borer 250ml

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Borer 250ml
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Borer is  the Rare combination of Organic Insecticide especially for all chewing pest ,Combination of Lemon Grass ,Tulsi ,Garlic and Karanj Oil ,Devadar Oil, Arandi Oil, Silica - organic based (Not from the chemical based Ortho Silicate ,extracted from Rice Husk) .

BORER  Mode of Action:-
 Above all Botanical Ingredients have been considered for use as pest Anti –feedant  , repellents and toxicants, reproduction inhibitor, Anti-Fertility. Borer Fast Acting Herbal Formulation with Ovicidal Effect and works against the myth of natural/herbal formulations not acting Faster.
Borer Fast Acting Herbal Formulation with Ovicidal Effect and works against the myth of natural herbal formulations not acting Faster. After Spray 2-3 Hours , you will find that 40 % of  insect are Dead  or Struggling for life and other 60%  IN-Active  Struggling for the feed and gets dead before 48 hours…
  • A new Generation herbal formulation leading to pests control naturally at very low Dosage.
  • No Harms to beneficial Organism and Humans.
  • Sprayed on the Soil at Soil Preparation stage to control Soil Insects.
  • Suitable for all stages from Nursery to Harvesting.
  • ZERO Residues in Harvest.
  • No Chemical either in stabilizer or preservative is used.
  • Ideal for IPM Strategies can be used till the last day of harvesting.
  • 100% Organic Certified product.
  • Approved by Agriculture Department of Telangana Govt
  • Approved by  Biocert/IFOAM as a Organic Input.
  • No Toxicity, & No hazard , no harm to the Honey bees and Butterfly’s.
  • Controlled Multiple Chewing pests , Subsequently saves the time and Money.

The following diseases controlled by Borer:
Caterpiller, Army worm, Spodaptra, Leaf Rollre, Root worm

Dosage :-2.5 to 3 ml / Ltr of water.

Application Method :-Foliar Spray.

Packing :-250ml,500ml