Balwaan Pragati 2 Stroke 52cc Side Pack Brush Cutter BX-52

Brand: Modish TractorAurKisan Pvt Ltd (Balwaan)

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Balwaan Pragati 2 Stroke 52cc Side Pack Brush Cutter BX-52


  • Balwaan Pragati 2-stroke 52cc Side Pack Brush Cutter is generally used for cutting dry matured standing crops, grass, bushes, and woods up to 60mm in diameter.
  • Crops such as wheat, paddy, maize, Jowar, Mehndi, soya bean, etc. can easily be harvested by using an 80 T blade For cutting Green fodder, bushes up to 4 mm, 3 T blade to be used.
  • Nylon rope trimmers can be used for grass trimming and bush cutting. It displays fast trimming up to 3 mm.
  • It can also be used for cutting dense undergrowth, and unwanted weeds, pruning trees and trimming hedges and garden grass.
  • It is a durable & reliable landscaping machine that is an essential tool for precision landscaping needs.
  • It is a lightweight, multipurpose, and very powerful machine that is used for agricultural purposes.
  • This machine allows you to work through a full 360 degrees and is ideally suited for agriculture, horticulture, lawn garden maintenance, and landscaping sectors.
  • It can be used with 3 attachments: 80 teeth blade, 2-teeth blade, and the nylon tap n Go cutter.
  • This machine works efficiently as it cut the crops just 1-3 cm above the soil surface and can be easily carried on the shoulder.
  • While cutting the crops this machine simultaneously cuts and places the crops in a very systematic manner on the other side
  • A person can easily cut 10-15 bigha of crops by attaching the 80 t blade on 70% working capacity as the blade is very powerful and made up of alloy steel body.
  • The unique Balwaan mini 2-stroke engines are reliable, efficient, and quiet, making them kinder to the environment yet offering you superb performance.

Brand Balwaan
Model BX52
Type   Side Pack
Displacement  52cc
Power  2 HP 
Engine BX52 2-stroke Engine
Oil consumption 850 ml/hr at 70% capacity
Attachment Included 80 T Blade, 3 T Blade and Tap n Go
Engine start Recoil starter
Fuel Tank capacity  750 ml
Handle type Bike handle U shaped
Compression Ratio 8:1
Overall length 184 cm
Operating weight (kg) 8.2 kg
Blade recommendation  Dry Crops or wood up to 60mm (80T blade), Fooder, green crops and bushes (3 T blade ), Grass and bushes up to 3mm (Nylon cutter)

Warranty Terms and Conditions: 6 months

Manufacturer: Modish Tractor Aur Kisan Pvt Ltd

Delivered by: Modish Tractor Aur Kisan Pvt Ltd

Note for customers:
After receiving the parcel, read manual thoroughly, contact us so we will arrange a technical call for you. Because all engine comes without engine oil and needs necessary precautions before starting the engine.

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