ASTHRA 500 ml

Brand: K. N. Biosciences (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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ASTHRA 500 ml

Consortium of Bacilli Species
Plant Growth Promoter
500 ml Bottle packing
Bio Product

Asthra is a liquid biological combination of plant growth promoting micro-organisms and biological controls. It contains high concentration of highly viable cells, which is in dormant stage and proliferate quickly after being applying fields.


  • Improves photosynthetic potential
  • Increases plant tolerance against pests
  • Improves physio, chemical & biological properties of soil.
  • Promotes growth and colonization of VAM
  • Helps in quick degradation of organic matter
  • Controls soil and air borne pathogens

Recommended Crops: All crops
Potency: 2x108 cells / ml

Seed treatment: Soak seeds for 20-30 mins in 1:100 dilution of Asthra before sowing.
Soil application: Dilute 1 Litre of Asthra in 50 Litre of water then incorporate in 1 ton of manure and broadcast over 1 acre.
Foliar spray: Dilute 3-5 ml in 1 Litre of water & spray 2-3 times at an interval of 15-20 days.

Don’t mix with any chemical pesticides / fertilizers & store in shade.