Amul Power Dan Cattle Feed 10 Kg (Tamilnadu)

Brand: Amul Cattle Feed

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Amul Power Dan BIS TYPE-II Cattle Feed 10 Kg (Ex-Factory Erode, Tamilnadu)

Amul Power Dan is best suitable for cattle giving 8 to 15 liter milk /day. It is made up with all careful consideration of various types of grains, and quality additives. It is a feed without Guar in the formulation. Well accepted by all types of animals as did not have any bitter smell of guar. Urea free but added slow releasing source of Nitrogen for better utilization of dietary fibers by rumen microbes. Vitamin and minerals are also added for improving production potentials of the animal.

Product Specification:
Crude Protein: 20% min
Crude Fiber: 12% max
Crude Fat: 2.5 %
Silica: 4%

Packaging: 10 Kg HOPE Bag

This rate is the Ex-factory of Erode (Tamilnadu). The loading, unloading and transportation charges will be extra and to be paid by customer before final dispatch.
This product is also manufactured in Jayrambati (West Bengal), which is listed here on this portal as separate product.
You are adviced to order appropriate product after checking your nearest manufacturing unit.
You have to order product according to your nearest state to save the transportation cost.