AMINOR - Amino Acid 500 ml

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AMINOR - Amino Acid 500 ml

A premium nutritional growth stimulant power packed with high quality amino acids for healthier crops, flowering and optimum yield.

Ingredient                                           Liquid                      

Amino acids                                         10.00% w/v (min.)
Aqua media                                          90.00% v/v (max.)
Total                                                    100.00%       

Promotes the development of chlorophyll, sugars and amino acids in plants and aid in photosynthesis. Increases vitamin and mineral content of plants. Stimulates plant growth (higher biomass production) by accelerating cell division, increasing the rate of development in root systems and increasing the yield of dry matter. Helps in absorption of mineral nutrients and amino acids in plants even in un favourable conditions like drought, and thus helps to fight the effect of  drought.
Mode of Action               
A truly novel formula contains amino acids to obtain optimum crop output. This provides the nutrients essential for healthier plant growth.
How to Apply                 
Liquid: Mix the recommended quantity thoroughly in sufficient amount of water & spray on both sides of the leaves.
Shelf Life            
5 years from the date of manufacture.
No specific antidote. Treat symptomatically.
Dosage: 2 to 3 ml per litre of water.