All Clear - 20 Tablets

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All Clear - 20 Tablets

It is a Remedy on the cervical mice, round worms, worms (larvae of the fourth phase), coughing, bloodsucking lice, and vitiligo, scabies etc. Before starting any animal feed, it is necessary to eradicate the worms. The animals should be given two tablets of BVG All Clear.

In the stomach of cattle, thousands of micro eggs of innumerable worms and goggles (Not visible to eyes) are there which go to the stomach of cattle through feed and by flies. Due to increased bacteria in the stomach & intestine, digestible food components’ sensitization is reduced. The reasons due to which many nutrients are washed out and wasted and tend to decrease in the milk production, are completely removed.
BVG All Clear is a medicinal pill for animals cure.
1. The worm and the gooseberries are destroyed.
2. Well digestion of feed, due to which its conversion in to milk and production of milk in cattle increases.
3. Increases resistance power – so the frequent illness ratio decreases.
4. Fertility of cattle increases, as well as frequent reversal decreases.

1. BVG All Clear destroys all type of warms and mice from stomach and skin of animals.
2. Optimises growth rates of cattle.
3. Is easier cleaner of body of cattle.
4. Maintains strong, healthy stage of cattle.
5. Reduces spread of worms.
6. Optimises conception rates & milk yield is increased in milking animals.
7. Optimises general condition.
8. Supplies full range of trace elements.

1. Feed two tablets to the adult animals at one time. Feed one tablet to the calves.
2. All animals in the herd should be treated on same day.

To destroy the entire worm, gooseberry and gadfly, BVG All Clear medicinal Pills – 2 nos. on one day should be given with the feed. Repeat the same dose at interval of every six months.


Each Uncoated Bolus contains:  Ivermectin...IP(Vet.)......80 mg

Weight / Quantity of Product :
( 2 Tablets x 10 Strips) 20 Tablets in one box.