Algistim 1000 ml

Brand: K. N. Biosciences (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Categories: Certified Organic Products, Plant Growth Stimulator,

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Algistim 1000 ml

Seaweed Liquid Extract
Plant Growth Promoter
1 litre bottle packing
Bio Product

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  • Algistim is a zyme product which is extremely helpful and favorable for plant growth and health.
  • Algistim is a plant growth promoter.
  • Algistim contains seaweed liquid extract, Amino and Humic acids.
  • Algistim fix all the required micro nutrients naturally to the plants.


  • Application: 2.5 ml to 3 ml per 1 L of water and spray.

  • Recommended: for all field crops, vegetable crops, fruit crops, tuber crops, etc.