AL-SACH S.O.P. 00:00:50 250 grams

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AL-SACH S.O.P. 00:00:50 250 grams

00:00:50 (Sulphate of Potash/ Potassium Sulphate) is a free flowing, 100% water soluble product and recommended to used for drip fertigation or foliar spray.


  • 100% Water Soluble NPK Fertilizer, neutral salt and has no effect on soil acidity or alkalinity.
  • Free flowing Material
  • Imported Product
  • This Fertilizer contains Potassium (50%) and Sulphur (17.5%). Both these nutrients are essentials for Plant yield.
  • Ideal for use with drip irrigation or foliar spray
  • No Heavy Metals.


  • Plants receive high dose of K (Potassium)
  • This is the ideal fertilizer for the quality of food, feed and fiber.

5gms per litre of water.
1kg per acre in 200 litres water

Recommended to be applied at Fruit Development stages.

Suitable Crops – All Vegetable and Fruit Crops, All flowering Plants.  Recommended for agriculture and horticulture purpose.


  • Sodium as NaCI by weight – 2.0% max.
  • Moisture by weight – 1.5% max.
  • Potash as (K2O) by weight – 50.0% min.
  • Total Chloride (as CI) by weight – 2.5% max.
  • Sulphur (as S) by weight – 17.5% min.

Nett. Weight: 250 grams

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