Agri UAV Drone Sprayer - 5 kg

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Agri UAV Drone Sprayer - 5 kg

Model X8 1500
Spray flow 0.2-0.4L/min
Droplet diameter 50-100um
Flying speed 0-10m/s
Spraying area 6-9m
Spraying speed 0-6m/s
Take off weight 13kg
Pesticide Loading 5kg
Flying time 18-20min
Control efficiency 1-2acre/min
Flying height 0-200m
Spraying height 2-4m
Motor brushless motor
Temperature range  -15℃ - 40℃  
Flight control stabilization system 3 axis gyro,  3 axis acceleration, 3 axis magnetic compass sensor, GPS, Manipulation stabilization, Barometric altimeter, Remote video monitoring system

Part name  Item No.  Quantity  Unit  Note 
frame    1 pcs wheelbase 1100CM, full carbon frame Import from Japan
brushless motor  customized  motor  4 pcs No artificial damaged,warranty 1 year  
brushless ESC customized ESC 4 pcs No artificial damaged,warranty 1 year
flight control system  DJI NAZA-V2  Multi-rotor full-auto Adaptive Drive system 1 pcs with GPS function, Maintain accurate height and Locking coordinate in the open air 
OSD data transmission   1 pcs Be able to display the flying height in the ground monitor and figure information 
 image transmission 5.8G 1 pcs supply power for invigilator and image transmission equitment 
gain antenna mushroom head 1 pcs Be better to recept
HD CCD camera 700 cable HD CCD camera 1 pcs with image transmission tramsmit function 
propeller size    2 pair  full carbon fiber propeller,CW & CCW 
folding arm accersories  30 4 pcs folding by one accessory,full aluminum, more durable
ground invigilator   1 pcs  real-time reception Shooting image 
invigilator battery  11.1V2000 mA 1 pcs normal charging time 15-30 minutes 
remote control  9t  1 pcs flight attitude & flight direction is controllable, effective range1500mter 
battery  22.2V10000mA 2 pcs cruising ablity 10-15minutes 
charger  A6 1 pcs normal charging time I100-60minutes, built-in protection function
tool box    1 pcs Can be stored battery, remote control and so on.
spray system    1 pcs 3meter spray rod, 6pcs spray-head, spray range 3-4meter

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